Beautiful compact travel palette, gold gift box, circle shape glue bound watercolor paper. Negative painting technique vs positive style, review, color chart swatch. ↓ SHOW MORE for supplies and other info! ↓

This would be a great gift for an artist, but be aware that as lovely as this set is, it is loaded with mispellings or typos. I suspect that Mairtini is a typo for Martini, but I’m going with the product listing and packaging spelling. I did see a logo from the company online that was just “Martini”, and like many Chinese products that get translated to English I noticed issues with the color names as well. I love granulating colors, like Undersea Green from Daniel Smith and was happy to discover that the sap green in this set appears to have an ultramarine blue mixture that causes color separations in salt or wet washes. I overall really enjoyed the layout of the paint palette, and will use it for my own tube paints after these paints are used up. If you would like to buy any of the art supplies used in this video, the Amazon links are below. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

I apologize for any difficulty following the voice over, I was unable to talk for long enough to cover the whole video. Let me know if it seems ok to have the bulk of the info at the start of the video, then go into music during the painting segment. This is a new experiment for me in video making. Because I have health issues that cause breathing problems, there may be noticeable deep breaths or I sound too relaxed as I avoid taxing myself. I know some people prefer their YouTube videos on the energetic entertaining side, but I will always do my best to provide quality information. If you prefer just subtitles and music like my first 25 videos, please let me know. I’m willing to work on what is more enjoyable for my viewers 🙂

Mairtini 25 color paint set:
Mairtini circle shape watercolor paper:
Rotring Isograph Technical Pen
I filled the pen with waterproof ink (SketchINK) which comes in a lot of colors you can mix (plus they are lightfast and can be used with your choice of technical, fountain, or dip pen!)
Magenta waterproof ink:
Yellow waterproof ink:
Blue waterproof ink:
Black waterproof ink:
Bee watercolor paper for swatches
Princeton brushes (rounds, slightly firm for spring and detail)
Princeton brushes (rounds, soft for washes, hold a lot of water)
White gel pen:

New and improved website (current work):

The Enchanted Gallery (archive website since 2004):


Instagram – *NEW ACCOUNT*

♪♫ MUSIC ♪♫ Bad Snacks Take it Easy from the YouTube free library. Edited using VSDC free video editing software, which I highly recommend. #watercolor #Mairtini #painting

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14 thoughts on “MAIRTINI Watercolor Paint Review + Cold Press Paper Negative Painting Travel Pocket Palette Art Gift

  1. Apology to anyone who got a second notification for this video, the first video was missing the middle section covering negative painting and my experience with using this paper. In order to make sure I provide the most accurate video I could, and that the video content matched the topics in the voice over, I felt it was better to fix it and upload it again. Thank you to everyone who commented and liked it before, the updated content can be seen starting at 3:20 to 6:57 Thank you for understanding 🙂

  2. These seem a lot like gansai paints, especially the glossy finish and tendancy to lift no matter what care is taken. Just curious, have you tried them on unsized paper yet? I believe Hanemuhle brand makes a lovely unsized watercolor paper, at least if I'm remembering right from one of Denise Soden's videos.

  3. I swear you always review the stuff that is on my mind:) I just spotted these on amazon and was curious:)

  4. Mine arrived yesterday and I need to swatch them out. I do like the case and I like the pan sizes that seem a bit wider than half pans even if they are much shallower. I'm not quite sure why I buy all the travel palettes! With all the ones that I have, I do think the Qor mini continues to be my favorite. Thanks for your videos! Keep going on the voiceovers they really do make a difference.

  5. Kim, your painting is beautiful I love how colorful and vibrant it is. Also your voice is very calm and soothing I like that over the loud videos. 😊

  6. I have a tough time with negative painting – as you said, my brain wants the painting to be like a coloring book. It is a technique I’d like to master though.

  7. I watched both videos before I realised that there was a newer one. I loveeeeee the sap green !!! Sorta remind me of Green Cascade from Daniel Smith but brighter. Chinese watercolours that are in pans always are so aesthetically pleasing to me since they look so prefecture flat in the pans (like those Paul Rubens pans!!). These are no different.

    I typically cannot draw without lines. I'm envious of those creatives that can do that or just use their sketches as the reference for their lines because they come out so beautifully soft. I love negative painting but as you said.. its really hard to train my brain to not paint that certain area with paint and go reverse LOL. I think the first ever artists that inspired me with negative painting are Pear Fleur and Iraville when they did that beautiful collab together.

    Also loveeee the art that you did with the circle paper… just seeing that it is circle makes me feel like it was a fancy plate or a piece of wood that you designed something on. My brain couldnt compute that it was actually paper, lol. It's a really interesting shape for sure!

  8. I’m still new to your channel, so I’m not sure if you have tried it or not but the one hundred percent cotton block by Winsor and Newton is now my favorite paper. I like it even better then Arches paper even. It’s a beautiful paper that can take some abuse and goes well with the handmade watercolors that I love to use. Your paintings all turned out beautifully, and your review was very thorough and enjoyable to watch. Have a beautiful week!

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