Mainboard-review (German):

The noise of the MSI X570 Gaming Edge Wifi at different fan speeds:

– 15% (630rpm)
– 25% (1650rpm)
– 40% (2866rpm)
– 50% (3300rpm)
– 75% (4500rpm)
– 100% (5500rpm)

Please excuse short distortion noises, seems to come from the camera.

source: https://fumceunice.org

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16 thoughts on “MSI MPG X570 Gaming Edge Wifi Fan Noise (AMD Ryzen 3000)

  1. i have msi g edge x570 and 3600amd with ati radeon 5700 and it works horible even converting to mkv is so long and looks like freez pc

  2. But if people dont mind some blower noise and already got noisy GPU fans it might not matter much.

    But i also feel it is the wrong way to go. One should think power consumption was less with 7nm.

    So they use a little less watt. But uses it on the motherboard instead. Idle and low work consumption

    is also higher than Intel's 14nm?

    Still 12 cores and improved overall production rates are pretty nice to see.

  3. Smart new smart cheap CPU's and crabby noisy motherboards. So i have to use twice the amount of money on the motherboard
    than on CPU to get a quiet system. Then INTEL is still cheaper and some EVO970 raid0 just as fast.

  4. hey lets add fan to motherboard so we make them last 3 years on normal use then people have to buy new mb since warranty is gone…

  5. Not even just the noise…but because of where the chipset and fan are situated, it sucks in hot air thats being displaced by the graphics card.

  6. I like a quiet system, so x570 is definitely out of the equation for consideration of future upgrades. Thankyou for this vid

  7. That is actually half-bad. Considering most modern cases (in fact, most cases made since 2011) have some sort of noise dampening, and not to mention the fact that it being inside a case with other fans, potential fan-pump, GPU etc, this will not even be audible.
    Also, the X570 board fans are meant to spin up and help keep the chipset and the m.2/pcie cool during overclocking, there's gotta be some hardcore overclocking to push the fan beyond a measly 50%.

  8. Thats loud. Would go for b450 instead but ppl are reporting that there are some probs . Especially with what i would go for… MSI 🙁

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