We all know LEGO minifigures. For awhile they made even smaller micro-figures. These are my 170+ nano-figures, the tiniest minifig-scaled representations of minifigures!

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42 thoughts on “My crazy LEGO NANO-Figure collection!

  1. Do you have the Lego Hogwarts Castle? There are 24 (unique) Nano figures in this Set.
    Would make your collection look much bigger 😉

  2. Uh oh…I’ve only been into legos since December 2018 and I have…wait for it…386 of these guys! I don’t think I can put a photo in comments or I would because I don’t think people will believe me. I bought 95% of them on BrickLink after I built the US Capital and fell for them.

  3. U should make a nanofig world with buildings and gardens made at the scale of the nanofigs and u can have them posed around

  4. I have also been considering an action figures shop, but I don’t have enough nanofigs. I tried BrickLink, and couldn’t find any. Could you help me?

  5. In England (also LEGO Land), there's the tradition of having model villages of the village. Would be cool to use these in a model of New Jang City within actual New Jang City.

  6. So many lil figs, Id say a nice place for a toy store could be int he main strip of downtown, start chippin away at the modular sets that are filling the space down there. Maybe a nice spot for those form out of town on business to get a souvenir to take back home or a toy store for those that cant make the trip to the mall.
    Fantastic lil collection regardless, cant wait to see how many more youll have in the future, would some be uses as lil statues in a park or even as garden gnomes in someones backyard?

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