Ninja Explains The REAL REASON Shroud & Other Streamers Are QUITTING Twitch & MOVING To Mixer!

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In todays video we have Ninja explaining the REAL REASON that Shroud and other streamers are QUITTING Twitch and moving over to Mixer! This includes Tfue & Drdisrespect as well! Let me know what you guys think down below!


Myth and Pokimane!
Ninja Funniest Moments!
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Myth Funniest Moments!
Myth Highlights!
Ninja Vs Myth!
Tfue Funniest Moments!

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42 thoughts on “Ninja Explains The REAL REASON Shroud & Other Streamers Are QUITTING Twitch & MOVING To Mixer!

  1. IF your favorite streamers quit streaming on Twitch and moved over to Mixer, would you follow or just find someone new?!

  2. Doc is right twitch was founded on gaming but now it's not anymore when all you have to do is wear slightly revealing clothes and have no skill or personality. Breaking multiple rules and not getting punished for it, mixer enforces rules fairly unlike twitch.

  3. This blue hair guy is just saying what the first thing that pops into his head, he is talking out of his ass to support mixer, lmao, all that potential lost

    He is doing it for the money, not for the platform

  4. Mixer is trying to buy a community,it doesnt work like that though imagine moving to a platform that is 10xs more SJW than Twitch. This fucking clown is nothing more than a sellout.

  5. Lol Amazon doesnt treat its employees like people and owns twitch which just likes titties and cat abuse. Who knew that it would turn into a giant shit hole full of toxic e girl babies.

  6. So he basically says that all of the native mixer streamers suck and aren't worth watching. lol I'm sure MS loved hearing that.

  7. DrDisrespect is 100% correct. Mixer uses terrible software and all their consumers (people watching) hate going to that platform. Ninja has fallen off since the switch

  8. Doc is gonna eventually give up his act and actually switch to mixer bc of the benefits of working with Microsoft over amazon. 🤣 then he will talk trash about twitch 🤣 who else thinks so? He can’t act like it forever when shroud and ninja are actually happier on mixer

  9. Lets all be honest though no huge streamer is moving to mixer without being paid shroud didn’t just come up outta no where and say “Hey I’m moving to mixer” The dude averaged 40k viewers every stream and was top 3 most subbed channel. Ninja made good points but if anyone’s moving to mixer Its only for money. Personally they should see its not worth it Ninja averages 1k viewers now.

  10. Dr disrespect is so salty you can tell just tell he doesn't want to move just because he will make less money. he doesn't understand the business move, guys don't be like doctor ; take an opportunity if you see it

  11. Dr Disrespect is a sellout. As long as he gets viewers he dont care about the shitty things the platform does behind the scenes.

  12. Ninja created a domino effect pretty much, and now everyone is realizing how shit twitch is. Mixer will probably become more superior at this rate if people keep leaving. But it's for the best

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