46 thoughts on “Overwatch Streamers react to OWWC FRAG MOVIE (Harbleu, Sideshow, Super, KarQ, Fran, Emongg)

  1. i hope this good response encourages more people to make similar videos, would love to have competition on these things so people truly shine

  2. So the hud showing only the feed was both full hud and empty hud footage, with the kill feed erased through the empty hud layer?

  3. Really great for how little footage there was from owwc, and how little amount of replay system montages there are. Csgo and tf2 things have a lot more stuff to go off of. Really great start to set a high standard for other montages.

  4. this montage was amazing but gameplay was kinda boring

    you did make it really entertaining to watch tho, if only it wasn’t double shield lol

  5. But did KarQ get the editing trick right? With all the layers to get rid of everything but the crosshairs and killfeed?

  6. Only suggestion I have is to add the live crowd and commentator reactions to some of the plays (TheEscoreEsports does this really well with their CSGO montages). Otherwise, this frag movie is perfect. Great job SI.

  7. True it was a bit slow, and too many of the slow downs and freeze frames would make it stale, BUT there was a good balance that it didn't feel stale, and the freeze frames of the amount of action looks like a cool screen saver or something.

  8. Watching this video makes me so happy for you, you're getting the recognition and praise you deserve. I genuinely wish you the most successful and happiest future, we believe in you!

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