Popular streamer BANNED for cheating at Fortnite?!

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46 thoughts on “Popular streamer BANNED for cheating at Fortnite?!

  1. None of us could cheat at our jobs, brag about it publicly, and expect to keep it. No one should be allowed to do that.

  2. This is all children's TV/soap opera nonsense that other Youtubers use to get "views" by reporting/dissecting it.

    I get the feeling that they love it when another "famous" Youtuber takes a nose dive because it's one less video they have to be creative about, they can just milk the drama and add to the "outrage".

    This kid deserves his punishment, however videos like this just spread the high school drama, adding to his fame/notoriety. Youtube drama isn't really the type of content I'm interested in from your channel.

  3. Probably named after Jarvis Cocker from Pulp, his parents were probably 90s Britpop fans. But seriously, it's hard to criticise when you've heard some of the names North American parents give their kids these days? A recent one I came across was "Ridge". Canadians are getting just as bad at naming kids something "special".

  4. im curious what you think about, say, muselk, who doesnt aimbot or anything but does do things like assemble servers full of 99 players with pickaxes to then chase down the one player left whos not in on it–which is technically still teaming–and who does a lot of things in general to mess with ppl. personally i really like him but the thought crossed my mind as an example since in a way i can see how this kid might not have seen his actions as drastically worse or thought they'd be that much worse recieved? idk

  5. Content creators need to be held to the same standards as every one else. The fact that you have more something than someone else does not give you a free pass.

  6. Hey Izzy! Long time watcher of your vids, first time commenter (I think lol) . I just wanted to say that from an adult that has had paycheck to paycheck living to a better paying job (non-YT) that I agree with you 300% . My son wanted to live the YT millionaire dream – without thinking other things had to happen and be expected first. You hit soo many points here… consequences for our actions.. hmm, imagine that! lol; entitlement… Today's kids/young adults are all about what they are entitled to and what they don't think they have to work for. Granted, I never heard of this kid before this, I have no idea who "ninja" is, and I have no idea how you got your YT content creation start or what you make from it now… and no, I don't have a YT content channel yet, I work at least 40 hours a week at a "traditional" job, I have responsibilities, bills.. ya know, those "adult things" 😉 . I know that I'm 1 subscriber in a pool of other awesome people on your channel, and my word won't make a difference but I felt I needed to say them nonetheless. Thank you for your off-the-cuff vid! I will be sharing it to my circle and hope that you continue the awesome vids you do. Cheers from NC, USA!

  7. He's not sorry he was cheating and ruining other people's experience, he's sorry he's having to face consequences

    In short, fuck 'im.

    And Ninja can go fuck himself too. Jarvis shouldn't have to face the consequences for his actions – consequences HE KNEW ABOUT BEFORE HE FUCKING DID IT – just because he's famous? Fuck that, fuck him, and fuck Ninja for acting like his shit doesn't stink.

  8. I know you are Brazilian Canadian so you may not know this but it’s the American way that all rich and powerful people are above the law.

  9. When the kid said that he wasn't using an aimbot on a competitive game, for some reason, I thought that Fortnite had a single player bot filled mode. But yeah… he deserved that punishment.

  10. I wasn't sure on the specifics but when I saw a clip of the video and he's showing the comparison of aimbot/no aimbot… I have no sympathy when he was effectively advertising the cheats.

  11. Izzy, hey man, crazy burn. Nice! Cheating is cheating and really, AIMBOT and he's crying?!? Get over young man and you're totally on point, this kid needs to either announce his immediate retirement from public life or just find another game and hopefully not repeat his idiocy. Maybe he can challenge Billy Mitchell to a Pacman grudge match. 👍😳

  12. Great analysis, life has consequences. He deserves the lifetime ban. What ninja said was elitist, illogical and extremely stupid.

  13. I've been a TF2 server owner for some years (yes, this game still exists) and I've banned hundreds of cheaters over the years.
    You would be surprized about the ammount of them who doesn't know the fully extent of their actions and say thing like:
    – I didn't meant to ruin other players experience, I just wanted to have some fun.
    – Why am I banned on my main account if I've cheated on a alternative one? (the most frequent)
    – This was just a prank, haha, I'm just recording the players reactions. (the dumbest)
    – This is unfair, I cheated once and got banned for life?!?!??
    and the list goes on..
    I'm not even talking about the most funny ones where players makes absurd escuses to get unbanned, or the ones who rage and keeps cursing me, my servers and my family

  14. His apology was so lame…"i didn't realize how severe the consequences would be"…as if he would have kept cheating if he knew the consequences wouldn't be bad. Doesn't matter if he used in competitive mode or not, if he was on his main account or not…there's ZERO excuse…he had an advantage on every other player. Big content creator or not, everyone gets the same treatment. Zero sympathy for this moron. When you're making huge money from videos of yourself playing video games…you'd think you'd play everything by the book to not lose that amazing income.


    He DESERVED TO BE BANNED FOR LIFE, cheaters are the cancer that ruins the fun for everyone.

  16. Not an expert on any of this, but to my knowledge – I agree with you, money and popularity should definitely NOT be dictating privileges like this, especially in ways (Ninja) that can't be proven outside of something like the company's anti-cheating practices. If you play a MP game with a ton of people, and you stream your location, I think I would hold YOU liable for whatever advantageous window of opportunity is available anyway. You (should) know full-well you're risking yourself up. You could work with a company on that when it comes to ethics and whatever, or you could just stream something else, but no, you chose this and this is how the game is currently designed. If you don't like it, instill change in how the game mechanisms work. You don't get to report people unless they have malicious intent that's proven with evidence, that's just weak and away from the point. That's why you're the player and the company is the one handling the anti-cheating measures. I don't think that situation is particularly difficult to grasp at all.

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