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Social Media:MeanMac
Twitch: MeanMacGaming

Chat Rules: For Live Streams and Comment Section
1.Dont ask for anything(Moderator)
2.Be nice in the chat
3.no swearing i would like to keep chat family (Call me out if you hear me swearing)
4.Dont advertise your Twitch YouTube or any social media. or you may be banned
5. HAVE FUN!!!

About me: Maclin Sopher
My name is Maclin (MeanMac) Sopher i am 16 years old and generally a loud person if i want to be. As you all can see i like to play video games. I also like to watch TV my favorite show is TheFlash. My personal goal this year is to get my YouTube channel to 100 Subscribers. Thanks for the Support.

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