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10 thoughts on “Shoes Un-tied 👏👏 LivestreaMEME Review #015

  1. I see 666 needs attention and he is getting it 😠
    666 is an idiot but I gotta think positively I’m on a lovely vacation 😇
    I might stop watching your vids @melt no lie this turd 666 is scratching my nervous 😬

  2. If any has the time can you time stamp all the times melt talks about Patreon pls. Trying to make a meme but can't find the part

  3. Melt you should have read the comments theirs 20 "join it"'s because that's how many was needed for the green screen. And since you said 50 for the belt when you hit 50 imma make one with 50 "join it"'s

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