Streamer Battle || GameGuru Vs GamingMonk

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Your dose of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Intense Fight Moments.
In this video, we fought to win the Hydra Clan and Dynamo himself on his live stream. We were playing with two random guys and we were able to defeat the hydra clan. This is one of the most intense fight moments of PUBG which you will see ever. Hope you will like the video.

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23 thoughts on “Streamer Battle || GameGuru Vs GamingMonk

  1. 0:48 pe x0.25 speed p dekho
    Uh will get to know that he is hacking
    Using no recoil 4x M16A4😐
    Seriously bro
    Y did uh do this?😐

  2. Bro you know Gamingmonk teammates are all mobile players that too who play for fun….video bana raha hai toh full emulator squad ke sath bnaya kar for even competition!

  3. Bhosdike Gali kyu deta hai…tera baap hai wo Gaming me . GamingMonk kya hai malum bhi bai kya…😡😡😡😡aaukad me reh

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