Shhhhhh here is the secret share link, streamers 👉🏼
If you’re looking for an upgrade gift for your Twitch/Mixer/Youtube stream.. here is a good list of options.

Pick up a stream design package from Own3d.tv and support the channel:




LIFX Beam Light:
Yescom Hexagon Lights:
RGB Flood Light:
Gaming Posters:
Custom Colored Gear:
Stream Deck:
Stream Deck Mini:
Stream Deck XL:
Cam Link:
Elgato HD Capture Card:
Elgato 4K Capture Card:
Elgato Green Screen:
Elgato Key Light:
Avermedia HD USB Card:
Avermedia 4k PCIe Card:
Avermedia 4k USB Card:
Sony a5100 Camera:
GoXLR Mini:


Starter Streaming Kit ►►
Pro Streaming Kit ►►
MY Streaming Kit ►►


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22 thoughts on “STREAMER GIFTS IN 2019

  1. i have a big big question: i'm gonna start streaming soon and i was wondering what is the best language to speak, english to reach more people, or my native language (italian in my case) to be more confident?

  2. Grateful as always for ur content. Using your tips helped me grow my channel I started less than a year ago to being just over 100 subs to 10,000! Thank you! 🤗

  3. What about the overheating issue with the alpha 5100? I'm really wanting a mirrorless cam with a screen but it seems pointless if the recording feature is limited by overheating within 10 min.

  4. I'm honestly surprised you didn't recommend a mic, especially since you promoted the GoXLR mini. A couple of great options for about $100: Blue Ember and Rode PodMic.

  5. ALPHA!!!! You have done it again. You messed up your links. Please for the love of your channel. Please do a better job on managing your links. The link at the top of the page that you said would allow us to give to our family/friends to show what we want. That didn't happen. (instead it goes to the same video) I have to be real here. I am a content creator myself. I love your content. But if you ever want to grow quicker, please fix your links. I'm not mad, just disappointed that you promised something to me but I never got it. AKA, The first part of your video. I hope this helps. 😉😊 Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. are gifts not a suprise anymore lol .. if i gave a list id bee seen as ungrateful and entitled by my family and country… maby this just a American thing

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