Streamers *DEVASTATED* After *FAST EDITING NERFED* In Fortnite Chapter 2 Update!


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48 thoughts on “Streamers *DEVASTATED* After *FAST EDITING NERFED* In Fortnite Chapter 2 Update!

  1. I LOVE IT! F**k these losers they're the main people sending Fortnite down the sewer, the less Fortnite devs listen to these clowns the more longevity the game will have. this is what killed COD, Gears of war, etc. when everything is nerfed to 0

  2. Its just input delay. When i have confirm edit on release it doesnt select cuz i do it too fast and i have to do it slower to edit

  3. yo, thats not fast editing nerfed…. if you watched codelifes video, FNATIC Motor, the guy in the video was trying to prove that the edit on release feature wouldnt work properly!

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