23 thoughts on “Streamers react to CHIPSA joining Overwatch League

  1. Jayne is awful never liked him. Big headed coach that has never helped his team win, bad hair, bad body for a 26 year old just awful in general.

  2. The thing with all the hate for this is that the people who make the decisions about the teams, who provide the sponsorships, own the teams etc. just want to win/make money. They don’t care about if you grinded a bunch to be good, that doesn’t matter and why should it?

  3. Laughing at all the “ Why blame him?” comments when i’ve yet to see one person blame him. I’ve seen blame put on Blizz,Fusions and his brother and thats it. Of course he isn’t to blame for taking such an opportunity.

  4. I don't get why there's so big a reaction here but not for the myriad of streamers in OWL right now who didn't go through path to pro

  5. I mean OWL needs marketable players. People don't come to see OWL players play. They're there for the experience. Mark Cuban had a great discussion about this kind of topic.

  6. What idiots like Jayne need to realize about OWL teams is that they don’t have any obligation to sign anyone from contenders. They can pick a team of homeless people off the streets if they wanted to. They are putting money into people they believe would help their team, not someone that supposedly “belongs” in OWL due to grinding in contenders. And he’s the last damn person who should be talking because he got picked up the same way for Dallas Fuel.

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