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Streamers react to death stranding The Moment When Cliff Tells Sam That He is His Son While Holding Him As BB, lets see how streamers are going to react to Cliffs Story Ending. Thanks For Watching, Leave a like and Sub.

Outro Song – Clarx – Bones [NCS Release]

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27 thoughts on “Streamers React to Cliff’s Stories Ending (Death Stranding)

  1. Ending scene is incomplete you should've put until the ending part where Sam realized Cliff is his father. sigh nevermind then

  2. I mean i get that most people were already getting the feeling that same was cliffs son but wow almost every single one of these streamer had no reaction when he said my son

  3. What the fuck is this? When i heard the words " you are my son. My bridge to the future " i was like WTF cliff is his dad OMG!!! And got fcking tears… best plottwist

  4. Why is no one reacting when he said MY SON like WTF??? this scene was like the climax of the whole story. I was literally blown away by this plot twist.

  5. Please please please PLEASE tell me you can make streamers reactions to key characters storys, like meeting and hearing heartman, and mama, mama and lochna, or Deadman being Frankenstein monster, kinda like how we found out about fragiles connection to higgs and her cryptobyet obsession, please, I can't find any and I mean any videos of people reacting to heartmans story and life

  6. I’ve been watching in anticipation for every one of these videos to see whether the guy at 7:23 will react to anything at all. Thus far, I’ve thought his monitor was turned off or something. We’ve finally seen him do something this episode…

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