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Streamers react to death stranding Diehardmans Emotional Performance When he Become President and talk To Sam About his Past Mistakes, lets see how streamers are going to react to his performance. Thanks For Watching, Leave a like and Sub.

Outro Song – Clarx – Bones [NCS Release]

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33 thoughts on “Streamers React to Die-Hardman’s Emotional Performance (Death Stranding)

  1. Why on EARTH was he not nominated for performance for the game awards?
    Norman was and even though he was amazing, it doesn’t compare to this, in my opinion. In fact it doesn’t even come close. This is even better than Mads’s acting in the game and I would go to hell and back for Mads lol. Tommie KILLED it. I have NO CLUE why he wasn’t nominated.

  2. Personally , Die-hardman is the only one has the best facial for the whole game ( he did wear mask the whole time ) . Others still has that CGI feel .

  3. What I think makes this scene even better is that it’s probably the first time John has told anyone about this. It’s the first time he’s really talked about it. So when he finally gets to talk about what he did, he just breaks down. He always bottled it up for years.

  4. I actually thought this was great acting, but over the top when I first saw it. But once you saw what he did though, this is perfect.

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