Streamers React To The NEW Champion Aphelios | LoL Epic Moments #521
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Kai’Sa, Draven, Lucian, Jhin, Miss Fortune


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23 thoughts on “Streamers React To The NEW Champion Aphelios | LoL Epic Moments #521

  1. này thì bắt chước tướng lq
    kỹ năng rõ ràng khác hẳn và rất bắt mắt 🙂
    chẳng qua là trùng cốt truyện và tạo hình thôi 🙂

  2. Your comment under video most banned.. senna not on the list and you are pure copy other video's as it's in the same ordee..? Sometime little different and you add random music..

  3. from my understanding it seems that from the start of the game in base u get to choose a form/weapon and i think u have choose to be an assassin adc or long range adc or supp adc or ap adc idk then after u chose it u cant thats wat i think idk i could be wrong lmao

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