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Welcome to my channel aka “The Shed”. I will mostly be streaming on this channel. I’m just a man on a couch with dreams of becoming a successful Streamer/Youtuber. One can dream right?

Thank you for all of your support! I enjoy streaming and couldn’t do it without you! Help me out for free by dropping the like and sub.

Discord – ​
Twitter –

All credit goes to Realstiner for my YT banner —

Rules: NO disrespect, NO racism, NO politics, NO religion. Cursing kept to a minimum. Respect everyone. Don’t back seat game
You’re message will get deleted if you self promote, spam, use excessive vulgar language or you show disrespect towards me or others in chat.

Second will be a time out followed by a ban if you do it a third time.

I’m a chill dude so please keep the chat chill too.


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