Did you know there’s more than one guy streaming Fortnite? Welcome to WatchMojo, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Fortnite Streamers on Twitch. For this list, we’re looking at some “Fortnite” streamers that are worth checking out on Twitch. Yes, they have to be on TWITCH. So, no, Ninja will not be appearing on this list.

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31 thoughts on “The 10 Best Fortnite Streamers

  1. Hey guys, we know that Fortnite isn't everyones cup of tea, but that doesn't mean we can't highlight some of our favorite streamers!

  2. This video sucks. Ceez is a great streamer but in no way is he a Fortnite Streamer. You talk about Daequans snipes but don't mention DKs? I don't think you guys did very good research here.

  3. Without further to do, here are my top ten Fortnite streamers…

    This has been my top ten Fortnite streamers thx for watching

  4. What is this dictated by? They are all the same from the edgy 13 year olds who think that they can make a living off of it to the College drop outs that don’t want to work for a living

  5. Its funny to think that WatchMojo nonchalantly uploaded this while thinking that they were going to get a decent like to dislike ratio. They got something even better. They may set a new record for the most disliked to liked video. It may sound like a hard memorable achievement, but its not a good one. There is a reason why Youtube Rewind was savagley memed for a month and was never mentioned ever again

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