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34 thoughts on “The REAL Reason Streamers Are Leaving Twitch

  1. love how you dropping gems , used to watch you when i wasnt a content creator, Now that i am one , i appreciate dropping knowledge on niggas , word keeping grinding

  2. I literally get all my favorite twitch channels from people I already knew of on YouTube or their recommendations then those recommendations recommend other people. It's rare that twitch's recommendations are good so it's almost always up to the streamers to spread the community.

  3. I like all the points that they're making in this video. I think it definitely benefits the Creator and definitely makes it more convenient for a continuous twitch viewer, but not for people like me. I used to come through to the streams daily, but as I had less time or started to invest my time in other things I wasn't able to. I would usually catch up by watching the VODS, which were always just as good to me. Then TBH made them to where you had to be subbed to watch them. That took away my primary viewing of the stream, but I understand why he did it. It was the best move for him financially. I could have subbed and got access to them, but the thing about vods is that they are hit or miss. I would scroll through 5 before I found one that I wanted to watch and it was never usually about him, just the game that they were playing, mostly because you could tell by whatever type of content they were playing, what you can expect from the content. I remember there was never a single pubg VOD that I didn't watch simply because of the interaction that they had with each other and the chat. but now since I haven't been on twitch in awhile, it's kind of a gamble on what I'll get. I really only ever watched because of moments like this, moments where they would discuss topics and bring interesting ideas to the forefront. all of this is to say that while it would be good to have some type of social network within twitch, I mostly watch his content through YouTube in clips like this because I want this particular type of thing, rather than a casual hangout. I know this is probably really particular to me, but I feel like with 7 billion people in the world that many people have to agree with this type of watching habit.
    I know this is long, but it's just my two cents on the subject and why it might be better for clips to be shared over YouTube or Twitter.

  4. I left Twitch for several reason.

    1.) Oversaturation

    2.)Titty Streamers run the site

    3.) Viewers can interact more w/ me

    4.) The community is 100% less toxic.

  5. I just realised this, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the big streamers that moved to Mixer, like Ninja, were offered a stake in the company

  6. Black hokage is the only twitch stream I watch and support reason being he’s entertaining I learn a lot from him and he interacts with the chat a lot of theses twitch streamers just sit in their ass dead silent and just play video games shits boring

  7. I think another thing twitch can benefit from is a genre search section. Your top streamers in Fighting games, FPS and RPGs etc. Vs the search by tags system

  8. It's not complicated.

    Ninja was basically saturated in terms of growth, so if he wanted to make more he needed to take a payday. He got offered a payday and took it. He doesn't need to give a shit. Even if everyone stopped watching him now he's now paid for the rest of his life unless he's a complete fucking moron.

  9. The number one reason people are switching to a different platform is because they are receiving promised money and freedom to play any game they want While on twitch they were not receiving promised money the money they recieved were dependent on donations and sponsors. You cant trust people to sub and donate to you on twitch. It's never a guarantee how much money you will make every month. Now you can with these deals people make with the other platforms and they have a happy future.

  10. I went on Twitch and there weren't any live broadcasts so I found an earlier broadcast and just watched that. After 15 minutes the audio got muted and I jumped about 20 minutes and it was still muted. I stopped the video and got off Twitch and just watched some Youtube videos.

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