The Truth That no Streamer Enjoys Classic | Open discussion | Claak

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17 thoughts on “The Truth That no Streamer Enjoys Classic | Open discussion | Claak

  1. IMO, Vanilla is new to alot of people, and some havent played it in 15 years, when it was released, there was nothing to do in retail so I also think that the vanilla hype will hold untill 8.3 and the new raid.
    After that I gues it will be more played when stuff gets released but yea, I dont see it being played in the long run.

  2. Looking towards the potential release of TBC or classic+ is the way to go. I know it's way too early to even think about it. There is only so much to do in the game even when Naxx is out… It will be the same weekly clears and occasional pvp. I still enjoy playing the game, but I'm definitely not playing the same 10 hours a day I was at launch.

  3. Clakk, I agree with you that vanilla is boring and not that fun anymore, when shadowlands comes out then I would immediately switch to that and same with if TBC comes out, bfa sucks but I miss arena play so if a different xpact had it then I would do that instead, either way classic and bfa are both just squeezed so much that they are too dry to be fun anymore. Honestly I still play wow as a whole just to prepare for if the game gets better again, thanks for this video Claak, I really enjoyed watching it.

  4. Will they play the expansion on launch? Sure, a lot of people will. Now, can Shadowlands hold against classic? Right now, I really don't think so and if they laugh TBC? Not a chance in hell.
    So far the new expansion have no real details about addressing the game play or how the PvP will work. They are still trying too have the weekly grind, even though everyone hates it. Finally, let's be honest, no one gives a flying fuck about its story.

  5. I think that a lot of these big name streamers don’t necessarily enjoy it now but still play it solely for the fact they’ve been hyping it up for months

  6. BFA is garbage. Every expansion since WotLK has been garbage. Classic may have its issues but it is all in all a better game than retail is today. IMHO.

    If you don't like classic, don't fucking play it. Like I don't like bfa, so I don't fucking play it.

    Its not a difficult concept, it's down to preference.

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