Had a great time overall 9 out of 10
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Top 3 things I did in Penang:

Butter Chicken at Kapitan restaurant. The service here sucks but the food is exceptional and cheap.

Kek Lok Si Temple – easily accessible by bus, your hotel should be able to tell you which one.

Street Art Tour – Penang is home to some amazing street art and there is a city map which has a bunch of it labeled on a walking tour.

Penang Hill

Shopping at Designer Village crossing over Penang bridges

source: https://fumceunice.org

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3 thoughts on “[Things to do in Penang, Malaysia in 3 days] [KCV đi chơi 3 ngày ở Penang ăn gì làm gì cho đã]

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    Just what setting (fps, etc) did you use? Nice music. Good luck!

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