This is not a FULL review in the sense that you all don’t need me to say these are good. A great many of us already know and totally rec these. So like other similar products in this kind of spot, I offer my thoughts and some things to try if you haven’t already.
Feel free to join the discord, never know who yer gonna meet.
(I also forgot that I cannot change the thumbnail to what I took a pic of at home… shit, guess I get to do that after work)


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Tin T2
LINSOUL TIN Audio T2 HiFi 2DD Double Dynamic Drive in Ear Earphone Bass DJ Metal Headphones, 3.5 mm MMCX

New Bee foam tips
[6 Pairs] Earphone Tips New Bee 12pcs Premium Replacement Earbud Tips Blocking Out Ambient Noise Memory Foam Earbuds Inner 4.9mm for in-Ear Headphones with 5mm-7mm Tips (Black, S/M/L)

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3 thoughts on “Tin T2 (Demi) Review (also loud fan sounds)

  1. Excellent review 👍 Me and my wife are both stick on the Tin HiFi T2 for long time now, because as you said, they are great all rounders, easy to drive, quality build and we love their sound signature a lot. Completely agree also with your thoughts about the vent hole mod. It elevate the bass,but that add some not so pleasant effect on the upper register probably because of the more air pressure created inside the housing. For me with stock tunning bass and even subbass is present enough for most of the music I'm listen,but if needed more I think T2s react very well on equilization. Slight elevation everything below 120 HZ works perfect without any affect on the others friquencyes. Keep the good work,and thanks for the wishes. Now I'm going to bed with the T2 to see that dreams and magical places 😁👍

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