Jon and Chris dig into a Vietnam War SEEK Kit. This is a Survival Escape Evasion kit used during the 1960’s by US Airman.

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24 thoughts on “Vietnam War SEEK Kits

  1. I had to laugh when you started opening Kit 1… My dad was a military pilot and I remember going through one of these (~1972) when in high school. I found the "Waterproof receptacles"… with which I instructed one of the cheerleaders as to its importance. LOL

  2. Shamois could be moleskin – used to cover blister after being cut to size. Was once common for hikers in their first aid kits

  3. Tis isn't ALL you'd have- the other pockets of the vest held a pistol, ammo, a strobe light, survival radio, first aid kit and pen flares/smoke, bug repellent, stuff like that. This is the little stuff.

  4. You know, there is also the possibility the US Government didn't even have the slightest clue how to make a survival kit in 1960, and everything contained within was just some guy sitting at a desk saying "well, I think this would work…"

  5. It is kinda odd that there is no food at all in this kit. Most of the ones I've seen have some kind of hard candy or jelly bar for a tiny bit of sustenance.

  6. The two rings on the saw don't need to be able to go through one another, just pull the actual wire through one of the rings to set up as a snare. Do the metal box 'fasteners' fix together and fit in that bit on the outside of the container?!

  7. Cool, most of the items in the kit I carry with me every day in my survival tin, in 2019. Learned it from John Wiseman's survival book. His ideas are better than whats in these old kits though. By the way, shealter is meant to be made with natural materials. Which every pilot would know how to do. A modern version of this would be the military survival tin made by BCB or the military scout survival tin made by BEST GLIDE. Both are issued to the military.

  8. I had some Vietnam issue insect repellent in my vinyl rain jacket and it ate a whole through several layers of the coat and fell on the ground. Yep, I had that on my skin

  9. When we would show up badly hung over in the morning (which was often) they would routinely give us two APC tablets, a vitamin B pill and yes, a dexedrine capsule. They knew how to get a day's work out of you.

  10. I carried this in Nam. (Actually Thailand)
    APC (aspirin compound)
    Chamois (water colection)
    Soak up wring out.
    Flash light. No lights in the jungle as will give position away, ect.

  11. These kits only supplement the base equipment that military personnel would carry. Like a firearm, survival knife, etc. These are not stand alone, all you’d have kits.

  12. Gents,
    Fun review of a legacy military survival kit. I read through some of the comments below. I agree with those that have more familiarity with the era about the wire saw's use as a snare and the shammy collecting dew and rainwater from plants to drink. Your initial observation about the kits being part of an Aircrew Survival Vest are correct. Some the items that you wondered about not being in the kit, would have been in other pockets on the vest. I would recommend looking into the development of the Aircrew Survival Vest to get a better picture of what survival items were actually carried by pilots who would have carried the SEEK kits. Awesome review. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the great work.

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