We pit two of our favorite TVs, Vizio’s P-Series Quantum X and Sony’s X950G against each other to see which is best.

Vizio 65 P Quantum X:

Sony X950G:

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39 thoughts on “Vizio P Series Quantum X vs. Sony X950G: Can Vizio hang with Sony?

  1. you can even tell in your video that the Sony 950 is a much better TV. And I have a crappy computer screen. I've seen them in real life also and it's obvious the Sony is better. Are you trying to get paid if people click on your link?

  2. I still have my 32 inch vizio when LED first released $500! For a 32inch.
    Still going strong as the day purchased, Use it for a pc monitor but in 2009 it was worth it 1080p was new FIRE

  3. The Vizio may have a comparable picture quality but in the end, it will fail within a short period of time while Sony keeps on ticking. It is not a good value if it won't last. Vizio is crap.

  4. Considering the Vizio, can we tell if the colors on the ocean scenes are the natural color on the Vizio? I really like how the Sony brings out the blue, but not sure if that is the natural image. If it is, I'm curious if the Vizio can be calibrated to match that tone. The water on the Vizio certainly has a greenish tint.

  5. Is there any reason to look at another 65" LED TV than this? I see that Costco will have it for $999 at the end of the month. Nothing else is even close to that price range.

  6. I still want to know why people are so obsessed with how thin a TV is. Even mounting to a wall it will not matter if it's an inch off the wall or 10 inches. Just seems like a pointless area to cause pricier tvs with no positive picture quality. Save us some money and leave the thin aspect alone.

  7. You can disable the ads by disabling an app, then you will be able to remove the sponsored tile in the customization menu.
    I don't recall the name of the app but there are several videos about it.

  8. Excellent overview of both tv's… Currently looking for a 55+ tv for my living room and I'd like to hook it up to my home network.

  9. Still have a X930E best tv I've ever owned, I've tried the Q9FN, Q7FN from 2017 and a KS7500 UK model and also a B8 Oled which I've just sold. Nothing comes close to the image the 930 can produce so natural and cinematic.

  10. "… And if you are wall mounting the Vizio PX65-G1 know that if you put any pressure whatsoever on the screen front, the micro thin glass will shatter and the television will be destroyed as a result. So make certain you never throw away the board with foam that comes on the screen face. That way if you ever have to move it or blink in its general direction you may avoid destroying it." The 1 thing you missed saying.
    I have bought 6 of them now and the first 5 were destroyed by FedEx not using the push in handles on the box and when I tilted it forward to reach the rear HDMI's then set it back onto it's feet. Due to slow to drop away momentum it tilted forward and I pressed the aluminum top edge and the glass below it shattered ats a result. While the picture is great, it is unreasonably delicate and breaks at the screen with no real effort.

  11. I would not waste the money to have one of these tvs calibrated…unless something looks horrible or way out of whack. These Sony's are so accurate out of the box…save your money.

  12. For the price, the premium Vizios are clearly knocking it out of the park this year.
    65" Vizio P Quantum X: $1,599.99 (Down from $2,200.00)
    75" Vizio P Quantum X: $2,399.99 (Down from $3,500.00)

  13. I got the Sony and am so happy with it. The colors are natural and sharp. I like their processor which up scales 1080p to look like 4k. Remarkable.

  14. I would stay clear of Sony.
    I used to be a Sony fanboy that is until I dropped a few Gs on a TV that lasted a little over a year.
    Sony customer service pretty much told me that I was SOL and they could give me a discount on a new TV.

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