Wanted Cancels Sombra EMP! – Overwatch Streamer Moments Ep. 696

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44 thoughts on “Wanted Cancels Sombra EMP! – Overwatch Streamer Moments Ep. 696

  1. I genuinely feel bad for Jay3 at this point. Yes it gets you a laugh but it's still lowkey throwing games for him and it seems to be becoming a common thing

  2. 2:50 yeah it was the wild thornberrys, crazy kid, the daughter who could talk to animals and the dad that always says smashing. also his first impression was pretty spot on.

  3. 5:00 …und alle sagen deutsch klingt aggressiv ._. Ne sry also wenn man es darauf ankommen lässt klingt jede Sprache aggressiv xD
    "And everyone say german is an aggressive language ._. I mean ok… If you really try, every language can sound aggressive xD

  4. You all noticed that chipsa didn’t die at the end of the vid right, the tire went off and killed the lucio before it cut off

  5. Mr. Nutting in my bed. What came first the name for the color 'Orange', or the name for the fruit 'Orange'?

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