24 thoughts on “Why are streamers leaving Twitch?

  1. Facebook vs Microsoft vs Twitch is three sith lords duking it out for that sweet streamer revenue. I almost hope all 3 fail and a new streaming service rises from the ashes

  2. ~How dare these guys invest in their life to be financially successful, I want them to be same old person doing the same thing forever while I remain stuck in my life. Gosh I hate it when someone is doing better than me! ~

  3. I'm not judging it, I'll just never watch anything from him since I don't have/want facebook. Though I wasn't watching him in the first place in this case anyways. Streaming on youtube on the other hand is a billion times better than twitch because the stream doesn't take a billion resources of the pc like twitch.

  4. 40 Mil is such a high number it's like you never had to work a single day of your life anymore since you're that rich. Refusing this big of a safety net would be quite foolish

  5. I don't want to feel bad about how much everyone is making but jesus christ. Good on ya'll but damn do I feel like im in the wrong field. xD

  6. i feel like the biggest problem is that a lot of the people watching twitch are very young and therefore don't actually have to work for their money. if you've actually worked to survive you'll understand that financial stability is actually important

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