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Brian Risso AKA OnlyUseMeBlade has got himself into some controversy, reported on the Ice_Poseidon2 (IP2) subreddit, recently after some actions in an RV during a road trip with some other streamer friends.

The former Call of Duty and Fortnite streamer was formerly known for his gameplay clips, and has close ties with creators such as Keemster of DramaAlert and Ice Poseidon.

It turns out that any recent actions are just the tip of the iceberg, and this YouTuber has more black marks against his name than anyone else.

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*Please do not “witch-hunt” anyone that I talk about in my videos. My channel is intended for entertainment purposes only. Try not to take my videos too seriously, take what I say with a pinch of salt, and enjoy.*


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36 thoughts on “Worlds Creepiest Streamer Makes His BIGGEST Mistake | OnlyUseMeBlade

  1. facepalm I’ll just leave this here…..
    boomer- noun; slang for baby-boomer. Term used for a person born in the years directly following WW2 (usually categorized from 1945-1960).

  2. Honestly.. I’ve hated Blade and pretty much anyone associated with him for years. Real fucking piece of work. But even at this point, I don’t believe anything til I see proof 💯. So idrk how to feel.

  3. Wow blade is a piece of garbage but you're an even bigger piece of garbage for pretending to know wtf you're talking about

  4. Fuck you Man…by putting the milk in with the bag first, the brew begins while the kettle is still boiling. It's called efficiency.

    Blade is a cunt.

  5. Die in a fire ayooo. Making fun of blade’s age yet you are in your twenties making weirdo teenybopper content for little kids

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