XYO vs Pi – Pi Crypto Network Mining Review

Reviewing the Pi network, and comparing it to the XYO Network. Pi is actually really useful because it allows anyone to mine an actual crypto currency from their phone!

Similar to XYO, but very different. XYO = utility token.
Pi Coin = cryptocurrency

Get the Pi Network app here:
Referral Code: committed3d
Temporary Google Playstore app: (this is live as of 7/3/2019)

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Free Sentinel:
Download the COIN App here:

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31 thoughts on “XYO vs Pi – Pi Crypto Network Mining Review

  1. I love how Pi says "By leveraging your existing social connections." Which leaves out people with no social connections. Instead of just saying you can't get shit unless you refer others…There is no mining done by the end user…They are just giving you a set static number from their cloud servers…Your phone doesn't actually mine…You raise your rate by referring others…A Pyramid scheme..But it's a good start….The more people that can get in on it, the better…But it's shady marketing and I don't like shady people who don't tell the truth and hide it in words like "By leveraging your existing network."…..

  2. you can log out after the 24hr mining session and still your Pi balance will be there as long as you remember your password and username. if you logged out before 24hr mining session you wont get your mining for that 24hr period.

  3. The Pi Network app is available on both Android and Apple now. I've been in the network for a month and have acquired 250+ Pi. I think it's fun to be a part of something new and who knows what may come of it. Join my Pi team to help build it. http://minepi.com/tllinaz

  4. So far Pi is doing well for me. I’m growing my team since this is going to be huge in the crypto world. Better get on fast because supply is only limited.

    Check this out:

    use “jobols” in the referral section to get in.

  5. Went ahead and signed up for Pi using your Referral Code. Gonna give this a try since it basically costs nothing.
    @Chris (C3dT): How large has the group grown in the last 2-months? And has there been a consistent number of us all mining under your group?

  6. Nano was given away for free too, you just had to solve captchas back then. Free distribution isn't bad, it's actually really good since more people get involved

  7. If someone still hasnt downloaded it, do it before it reaches too much users wich will make mining harder.
    Use invitation code: Matdamon7

  8. Pi is a new digital currency being developed by a group of Stanford PhDs. For a limited time, you can join the beta to earn Pi and help grow the network. To join Pi, follow this link https://minepi.com/weskraven and use my username (weskraven) as your invitation code.

  9. So far I only have you in my trusted circle. Is there a way to add other subscribers to your channel?

    my Pi username (csvan99)

  10. Great video it is pi lite on android i love xyo just got another big geo drop of 200 xyo a little bit ago but will try pi it looks promising

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