Here’s a 5-minute fix for the problems with the ZOHD Nano Talon Evo’s elevators. All you need is the judicious use of an XActo blade to free up the hinges and the problem will vanish, as if by magic! Stay tuned for the flight test of the modified model.

source: https://fumceunice.org

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36 thoughts on “ZOHD Nano Talon Evo elevator fix (RC Plane)

  1. To do proper London justice you have to USE A CARVING KNIFE….AT LEAST 12in long and not that sissy knife London babies use them to practice on there dolls and be DRIPPING in blood

  2. Taking my nano talon evo out for a maiden flight this morning. I've never flown fixed wing before. I'm hoping to bring it home in 1 piece!

  3. This is a quick and easy solution to a problem I've had with a few models, which normally I have had to resort to cut and tape, not always ideal, so thanks for sharing.🧐

  4. In keeping with your mod Bruce, I would also cut an angled notch on the inside of the hinges which may give some more free movement as well, just a thought.

  5. Clearly the push-rods being 1mm soft Chinese wire is not a good engineering decision. Not stiff enough basically, sliding hollow carbon rod over them could have been a fix…Price based decision. If you have a Giro Stabilizer, non slop controls are par for the course if you want it to work well. Id have cut the Elevators off and used proper wire hinged hinges, tedious to fit but friction free. The carbon torque rods also look very flimsy, progressive wear in the square drive and slop is almost certain.
    Your fix was certainly an easy one, not sure its the best long term fix though.

  6. This looks like terrible advice to me. Especially as you haven't even tested it. Looks like You've just dramatically reduced the life of the model. Doing the job properly and fitting hinges would be a much safer way of doing it. But it still doesn't address the matter of the pushrods being too weak to perform their task.

  7. Wow they dont actually expect people to fly with the tail fins on the verge of popping out like that do they? Dont get me wrong, I love what Zohd are doing, but that looks sloppy even by my standards.

  8. Please people, dont buy this product now that you know how to fix it. You are just rewarding the company for negative behavior.

  9. You could also slide a plastic out sleeve over push rod to limit flex. That's what I am planning when mine arrives, after seeing this. Thx Bruce.

  10. I have allot of thoughts on this Bruce, i had allot of these issues on version one if you go back and watch my first nano tlon maiden it came home in a box, however it soon became on of my favs.. VERY hard for me to get dialed in but im glad i saw this and look forward to being able to validate or refute with my own findings now that i'm finally free today to unbox and shoot this and the 250g im exited ill LYK my findings and with a little luck some maidens incoming tonight. But I will take time to address the exact issues brought up ill go over mine and let you all see if i have the same issues, All my best.. hats off to ya bruce. take care. ps worse case go 3 new mk2 digital servos otw, that can fix any problem in life… lol

  11. One wonder why the Double Half sized Hinge didn't actually was used!! Keeping in mind that, this particular hinge don't have any type of resistance….

  12. How about a small bulkhead (positioned at half length of the push rods) aout of plywood or plastic with small holes where the rods go through? This would almost eliminate any bowing the rods can do.
    And didn't you use tape as hinges on other models? So no foam connection at all.

  13. Good engineering work Bruce !! I agree with the comments coming in to beef up the pushrods as an option as well. ZOHD may consider sending to you first, would save them time and give them free exposure .

  14. 1:19…Would it not also help (in addition to removing the stiff hinge load) by putting some appropriately sized rigid carbon fiber tube onto the bending push rods ??

  15. For alierons will be maybe good shot to reprint the couplings on frame side. and for ZOHD they should do conection couplings with star shape like torx head screws and with lite bit tighter tolerance.

  16. Been watching for years, never make a comment. But this is a load of balls wax and I take it there's no knife crime in New Zealand. This is my favourite channel but am disappointed

  17. I'll add the thin carbon pipes on the pushrods. Weaking the hinge will help, but in the air there will be a force from the airflow on the elevator that may decrease this mod effect.

  18. Hi Bruce, I prefer the plastic hinges in my foam models. I bought a DuBro 660 Hinge Slotter Kit to make the job easier. 👍

  19. Great analysis! I checked my early V1 models and the hinges are very flexible so maybe they changed the manufacturing or materiel. I do remember some flyers filming the feathers deforming under stress.
    On the pushrods bending front, I've had that on other models and slid & glued a carbon tube over the rod.

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