7.00 Patch Notes First Impressions

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FTC : This video has a paid sponsorship overlay and the Dotabuff section on replay commentaries was created as a result of my ongoing partnership with Dotabuff.

Monkey King 0:03:30
New HUD 0:07:50
New Pre-game 0:13:06
General changes and Talent tree examples 0:16:35
Item changes 1:10:30
Talent trees for heroes- A 1:48:50
B-Letter 2:23:00
C-Letter 3:39:20
D-Letter 4:14:38
E-Letter 4:46:10
F-Letter 5:26:25
L-Letter 6:06:10
M-Letter 6:48:05
N-Letter 7:00:40
O-Letter 7:15:30
P-Letter 7:26:25
R-Letter 7:41:50
Techies 8:05:30
Heroes finished, map first impressions(not ingame) 8:46:00
“Also in this update” 9:01:46
In-client 9:07:00

Was fairly tired towards the end. Will be back in a couple of days and will stream/upload videos “shortly” after.

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40 thoughts on “7.00 Patch Notes First Impressions

  1. Watching this now that we've reached 7.20 is a laugh. The original talent system was so pathetic compared to what's implemented now. Granted, Valve was probably trying to take baby steps with this and make sure the system didn't make specific heroes reliant on reaching endgame to get crazy, but still, so much has changed.

  2. You need a big nobel prize for making this video for about 9:30 H and not being tired of it !!! DUDE !! How did you do this shit? 😀

  3. Thanks for your service to the community Purge!

    Took an 18 month break from Dota and I missed these patch update videos more than playing the game…

  4. Even Purge bashes League.
    Like wtf, I like Dota, Gaming, Purge, basically everything about this video. But man, isn't there anywhere safe from idiotic petty rivals.

  5. Hour 1: Spends ten minutes on one hero.
    Hour 3: People in Purge's home begin to worry.
    Hour 6: "This is…good…that's good…that's pretty good."
    Hour 8: (Woman walks in) "Kevin come back to your family."
    Hour 9: Purge might be dead now.

  6. I grew my beard after watching this video, and the scenery outside my window has changed from a village to a metropolis..

  7. LOL!! When he opened that Brewmaster game at 2:58:00 I was taken aback hearing his voice through the video of another video… Purgeception…

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