1. so don't use the enchanting table to enchant items?? you mean just books or all items? cause thats a waste, alot of times when i use the enchantment table it adds 2 to 3 enchantments in one shot which is way better and all i gotta do is add whatever enchantment is missing or if it needs an upgrade

    and all those choices for getting enchanted books are worthless, the only and best way to get the best enchanted books upto level 4 is fishing i got tons of them and the best enchanted ones too better than going around collecting level 1 or 2 books or doing all that trading crap which is annoying. this video needs a update as for mending and unbreaking they updated that too i got tons of those fishing around 16 mending books just by fishing and i didn't have to go trading which is annoying

    but from the looks of the timestamp date this was made in 2016 so maybe back then it was like that but now all that, that i mention has change and thanks i learn alot from the other enchantments

  2. thorns is bloody fantastic! i know this video is opinion based, but i have a full set of mending unbreaking diamond gear and thorns is a godsend!

  3. Don't enchant books and put them on your items immediately.
    Just enchant your item directly and then enchant books to put on the thing that you enchanted.

  4. Oh my god finally an amazing enchantment guide now i can learn to enchant my diamond armor in survival mode. Back to the quartz mines it is

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