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Hide WordPress Theme Name And Directories From The Source Code – Hide WordPress Plugins Too

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You can hide WordPress theme name and directories and hide WordPress plugins pretty easily using a single plugin. This plugin creates rewrite rules for all the areas you specify in the settings. When you apply all the settings like I show you in this video, it will be a challenge for anyone to identify your site as a WordPress site.

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35 thoughts on “Hide WordPress Theme Name And Directories From The Source Code – Hide WordPress Plugins Too

  1. If you enjoyed this video don't forget to the like it and subscribe! Then check out this Elementor playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlgSvQqMfii5r4CMfilyiM0h7BltUnT7q

  2. Does Cloudflare have the capability to do these stuff? I'm trying to find any service provider that could do this without using any plugin for the safety of breaking the theme or site itself.

  3. Ok, I hid my theme. Fine.
    What happens when my theme has a new version, what happens with the update?
    It's hard for me to imagine that it works automatically. Please answer to this. Thanks.

  4. WPMUDEV is something I can strongly recommend. I been a member myself for long time and they are really amazing. Not only will you get access to their plugins, website site management (Just like Manage WP), but their support chat staff is hidden gem itself and the real value of a WPMUDEV membership and they will help you with any WordPress related issue, and not just limited to their own products but far beyond that. They even help you with coding issues etc and I can tell they saved me tons of money that I otherwise would have spent on developers.They really go the extra mile to help with members with solving issues related to running a WordPress site which is one of the main reason I keep being a customer. They are easily by the my one got to place hub stop when I having issues of some sort with WordPress or just coding issues where there is something in my code etc that i cannot figure out and solve myself.
    Use this link here to find out more: https://premium.wpmudev.org/?ref=dreamquest-423473
    (Ye,s its a referral link. Click on if you like my suggestion. I dont make any money on you click the link. I just earn some member points 🙂 ).

  5. wow! great tutorial to hide my theme and details. I am a front end developer. Now my question is that how can I find the hidden theme? please tell me the way. It's important to know. can you please tell me the way? 'whatwpthemeisthat' is not working for that site. and there is no 'style.css' file in view page source. what can I do in that situation?

  6. This was a great video! Thank you so much!

    I do have one question. If we are making many sites, would you recommend using different path names on every site? For example, if one website's new theme path is 'extra_new_theme_path,' can another website I'm working on be the same, or should it be different?

  7. I have installed this plugin and set it up as directed in your video – prior to this my site had been hacked a couple of times – and it has now been hacked again !! The hacker is modifying core WP files in some manner. Resetting the core files removes the hack – but not permanently – is there any way to secure the core files with this or another plugin ? Also using free version of iThemes

  8. I follow all of your steps and still my WP info is showing im attempting to hide the fact that i'm using WP any suggestion?

  9. great video Bjorn, I continued on from where you left off, but still sse numerous references to wp and elementor such as <wp-json/'> and <div class="elementor-row">, is this something should be changed and can it ?

  10. Hi there. This plugin breaks my site, I've tried several times to uninstall & reinstall whilst also disabling all non-essential plugins. Is there another plugin with similar capabilities. Kind Regards

  11. It's working on my source code but not on the "whatwpthemeisthat.com"…any idea what could be happening? thanks for your input.

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