Learn how to backup your WordPress website to Dropbox, Google Drive or another cloud service – really easily – AND restore your WordPress website using your backup with just one click.

In this video I’ll walk you through the steps. I’m using the #1 backup plugin in the WordPress plugin library.

Get peace of mind: in just 10 minutes, you’ll have your WordPress website backed up and protected.

Enjoy : )



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27 thoughts on “How To Backup & Restore Your WordPress Website In 10 Minutes

  1. Katrinah, Your YouTube of 9/29/2015 "How to Backup & Restore your WordPress Website in 10 Minutes" is the best ever!! I ran off 42 pages of "The Ultimate Guide to Updraftplus …." and couldn't figure it out at all how to use for Dropbox. Followed your video and it was done presto in only 5 minutes! Thank you, Thank you! Barb

  2. Wow! Thanks for your video, this has saved me alot of time and effort and worry. A great thumbs up for WordPress plugins and our great social media community! Thanks again.

  3. Can you please help…I recently used the ïmport"option in the wordpress and it imported from wix and i lost all my content on the original website..please can you tell how to reverse this action?I am so dissapointed..

  4. I upgraded my theme, one plugin didn't install, so I activated the earlier version of my theme. HUGE mistake. The site is now a white page that reads "fatal error" and a line of code. Complete toast!

  5. Can you help, how to reverse previous Theme, will be great step by step! I had theme paid and instolled and mistakenly I pressed somewhere I have Poor theme and I need my previous. Anyone can help, Thanks

  6. Great Video, But I suggest you to use https://www.websitebackupbot.com for easy, automatic and schedule Backup for your website. Their simple user interface is easy to use and saves you time. They provide amazon cloud storage for Backup.

  7. I am unable to create back for my website www.saveindianculture.com an it also takes so much time! After a long time of processing it says the below things
    Next scheduled backups:
    Now: Wed, August 15, 2018 00:28
    Nothing currently scheduled
    Last backup job run: No backup has been completed
    Last log message: Adding batch to zip file (UpdraftPlus_ZipArchive): over 500 files added on this batch (12.1 MB, 9805 files batched, 501 (501) added so far); re-opening (prior size: 32920.1 KB) (Aug 15 01:34:09)

  8. What kinda advice is this ? Rubbish video. I have a website and I want to know how to save all the files on that website on my desktop or on my computer. That's what most people really want to know. I mean – What happens if wordpress does not load ? What happens if you can't get access to you website ?  What happens if you want to deleted your website but just want to take files of that website to a different host ? fking awful video.

  9. I like updraft and use it on small sites, but on my bigger sites, I like to use this https://wptimecapsule.com/index.php?partner=wptimecapsule because it does incremental backups, meaning only changed items like changed files, or changes to the database get backed up. So you're not backing up everything every time.

  10. How can I put my backup on a flash drive? I would rather have my stuff on a flash drive or external drive than Dropbox for $100+ per year.

  11. Great video. You should update it now since many of the steps are different. Updraft Plus has changed a lot in 3 years.

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