Learn how to fix the missing of NVIDIA Control Panel or “NVIDIA Display settings are not available” error in Windows.


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30 thoughts on “How to fix "NVIDIA Display settings are not available" error

  1. I tried your way a little different. At 1:04, was already enabled, but i disabled it and then enabled it again, and select start. It works.
    Calm music works too. Thanks. 🙂

  2. plz help what should i do i have the latest drivers and when i open services.msc all those are enabled when i disable it and enable then start nothing happens i use win 10

  3. Thanks alot Dude.I tried diffirent method but it didn't work out and at last i found ur video..its pretty much impressive.. Thanks a lot Dude..

  4. Klo cara diatas masih nggak bisa pake cara gw:

    1.ke device manager cari display adapter terus klik 2x nvidiany terus disable kan, terus tekan ok
    2.Terus restart laptop lu
    3. Ke device manager lgi cri display adapter klik 2x nvidiany lalu enable kan

    Cara ini work ke gw boleh dicoba aja dlu klo masih ngga bisa coba cara lain lagi hehe

  5. I went into the services stuff and it was already on automatic and when I went back to open it, it still gives me the same message

  6. Ffs lol idk if this is the same for anyone else but my monitor was plugged into my motherboard not my gpu lol that's why the control panel was not working

  7. It's not listed on my laptop
    Problem arose after switching to win 10 1803 build
    Drivers r up-to-date as per the Nvidia website
    Control panel works on older version of Driver but graphic card doesn't (opened the laptop, the fan runs)
    After driver update Graphic card appears on task manager and dxdiag tool but cannot use it(control panel missing)
    Cannot switch between the two graphic cards

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