8 thoughts on “How to resolve Excel found unreadable content

  1. sir i am facing a problem in excel, please help me.
    The problem is that ( Excel cannot open the file ' Veneer+ Laquer Glass + SS + Gloss .xlsx because file format or file extension is not valid. verify the file the file has not been corrupted and that file extension matches the format of the file

  2. The above video tutorial is truly helpful. Thanks for sharing it here. If an Excel user is looking for free solution to repair Excel file, he/she should refer to this article –

    Few easy manual tricks have been shared in this article. Try them before purchasing any 3rd party software.

  3. Excel file is prone to corruption. There are various reasons behind corruption in Excel files. To repair Excel file, you should try few easy manual tricks like "Open and Repair", "Data Extraction", and convert Excel file into SYLK format to recover data from it. Refer to this article for complete information –

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