49 thoughts on “iPhone 6S Plus Review!

  1. The iPhone 6s Plus can run asphalt 9 and real racing 3 on ultra settings with buttery smooth frame rates like the 10 s max.

    That is ridiculously impressive.

  2. You sound like a whiny Apple snowflake bitching about the great new toy that you have in your it possible for anyone to do a fair unbiased and reasonable review on any device not just phone but television radio whatever, a fair unbiased reasonable review without whining complaining or pissing and moaning about something so trivial, and calling the the 6s plus a phablet is like calling the Nexus 6 a desktop computer. Apple refine nothing with this phone but what they did do is make the device larger to meet the needs and request of those apple or iPhone buyers who have been asking for years for a larger phone you know Android had these larger phones you know five five and a half inch screens for almost a decade before Apple brought them on and then whenever Apple finally brings on a 5 and 1/2 inch screen the world acts like you know God has smiled down on the planet and and blessed us with a miracle.
    there was no miracle there was no refining there is no improvement it was just Apple making a bigger phone to meet the needs of the customer base that they had been that the customer base had been asking for for a long time.

  3. Bs it’s not hard to hold it fits in my hand perfectly and I can use it with one hand I’m buying this in rose gold as my 2nd driver

  4. They assured me there would be nothing wrong with the phone>>> and they were right it car right on time! Everything was perfect! Works like new, only a few minor scratches on the back but other than that it was fine! Would definitely recommend!

  5. Anybody having problems with Iphone 6S Plus in that the one I am calling cannot hear me but I can hear them? I tried turning the noise reduction off, still. I tried the voice memos test and it works fine even when I breathe, the microphone on the bottom is picking up even my most quiet breathing. Could it be the factory plastic cover on it which I did not remove since I want a screen protector over the Ear receptor and all screen and including the back aluminum and antenna bands and light flash. It seems to only have problems in speaker mode and sometimes the ear microphone volume is really low, probably because of the plastic factory protector? Any ideas?

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