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  1. You might want to tell people to find out which database they need to drop and how to find it BEFORE telling them to delete their website! If people have more than one site on their hosting account they're going to have more than one database.

  2. Thank you very much! I didn't want to use plugins and save it on online services (i'm working offline), there were only videos WITH plugins and there you are! 🙂

  3. i have full backup of home directory and migrated for new host, then how could i upload my backup files to get my old site live with all post data

  4. Hello Sir, I have gone through the process you explained. It's really awesome. But when I deleted my site and uploaded the zip file again, Cpanel says maximum file size to upload is 500MB and my site is larger than 500MB. SO now what to do? Please guide me.

  5. Hi, very informative video. However, I have a question: would not restoring the old database files give you the same problems as previously experienced? I say that as I have managed to mess up my site and only HTML now displaying, not images sheets etc.

  6. Don´t you forget to mention that also the DB Tabel option (siteurl, home) and the file wp-config.php (DB name, DB user, etc.) must be adjusted?

  7. Nice tutorial. How about transferring a WordPress site to another host? Oh wait, Just found it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJED0dqEx-M

  8. Thanks for the help buddy. This was useful and easy to follow. At one point you said there's a previous video in the description below. But there's a link this video and no to a previous one. I went to your channel videos page and have found it by using the search feature. However, it would be right to fix this 🙂

  9. I went through the steps to restore, however, the theme seems to be picking up from another source.  It's showing a basic wordpress theme as opposed to my custom theme.  Any suggestions on a fix for that?  My content is below that theme view but my theme is not visible.

  10. Great video and nicely explained but sir, I have one question, what should I do If I want to create a new site, do I need to install the wordpress again or should I use the same credentials to login again. thanks

  11. Thanks, bruh it worked for me. I was facing 500 internal server error and used all steps include replacing the wp-admin and wp-include but never worked so I deleted and I restore my web completely on my hosting site.
    Thank you!

  12. You are a life saver!!! My WP site is back up and running thanks to this video & your other video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhWUvQU2diU&t=131s

    I exported my database and website files from one hosting site and tried to move it manually to a new hosting site and I kept logging into wordpress with nothing in it! all my post, pages and plugins gone! Deleted everything DB's and files on server and followed this video, then i received a 500 error and I thought it was end , but then I found your other video, followed he steps and NOW…..everything it BACK!!!!! I have been trying to restore my site for 3 days!! THANK YOU FOR THESE VIDEOS!!!!

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