30 thoughts on “MSI Optix G27C4 Gaming Monitor – Black Friday, Best Friday

  1. i could not stop laughing when u said lets be careful cause its curved then turned it upside down and started shaking it like crazy im dead ahaha

  2. I just got this also from Walmart black friday, have to wait to get dp cables though cause im stuck at 60hz with my old ones.

  3. TO ANYONE THINKING ABOUT BUY. IT DOESNT COME WITH A DISPLAY PORT CABLE. Make sure you pick one up as HDMI only supports up to 120hz i believe.

  4. Honestly this wasnt that bad of a review nice job — also the monitor can be found here https://www.walmart.com/ip/MSI-27-Curved-1920×1080-HDMI-DP-165Hz-1ms-FreeSync-LCD-Gaming-Monitor-Optix-G27C4/260894878

  5. I got this monitor too. Didnt hook it up yet. I heard the colors are somewhat washed out is that true. Also it supports gsync unofficially.

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