NHL 20 CHAMP #8 – BaconCountry vs LEGENDARY STREAMER (Mics On!)

Today we match up against a #NHL20 Live Streamer!! This guy may be the most relaxed guy I’ve played in years lol, wonder why… Game 8 of our Road to Division 1 #NHLHUT CHAMPION. Im just going to keep bringing the Videos, Thank you all for the Support!

The Man who plays NHL HUT for #EA. He’s got some good life lessons and doesnt take this game too seriously…

Check out him and his 7 friends Stream at:

Let him know I sent ya!

 My Twitter: @BaconCountryYT

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25 thoughts on “NHL 20 CHAMP #8 – BaconCountry vs LEGENDARY STREAMER (Mics On!)

  1. I find it crazy he does not know who you are. I feel like any person playing NHL has to know the goat baconcountry.

  2. Does anyone know what happens when u delete ur hut team then restart do get like the packs and that from ult edition

  3. damn i always get scored on in the first couple of seconds but i rush him after the faceoff get a b way with Gretzky cuz hes on my first line and scors

  4. I don't take the game seriously either, it's good to relax. But EA is trash, I wish another company made the game, for now I can't buy NHL.

  5. The Disrespect of that goal in the beginning was unacceptable like let a man finish is intro before you go and score on him like that. #RIPINTRO. Anyways Bacon i love the vids I've been watching you a long ass time. Keep up the amazing work!

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