30 thoughts on “Song Song Couple Song Ji Hyo and Song Joong Ki Fullidtube

  1. 이건 사실 개리오빠가 의도적으로 월요커플한거고 중기오빠랑 광수오빠는 진짜로 지효언니 리얼로 챙긴거고, 박지성프렌즈에서 만났을때 포옹했을때도 딱.. 알수있는데

  2. I'm honestly so damn pissed at his anti fans like i know it happened like years ago but these bitches they just make my blood boil cause joongki and jihyo made such a great couple

  3. I am a Monday Couple Fan but I already respect Kang Gary new life Happily married with A SON already… Now that I heard Joong Ki and Hye Kyo Divorce I feel hope for my Original SongSong Couple (I love joong ki in running man because he cared to Ji Hyo so much but I choose Kang Gary over Joong Ki thou because gary protects Ji Hyo and stood up for Ji Hyo anything happens in the show or in the game 😂😂😂)

    So now I am hoping for Song Joong Ki and Song Ji Hyo 😉😉😉

  4. It hurts that they never got a chance to be together because of the anti's. It hurts that the original Song-Song couple ended before it even started. I hope SJK goes back to RN

  5. since 2010 songsong couple ( shipname) original belong to song jong ki and song ji hyo… then song jong ki left running Man….

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