44 thoughts on “Songjihyo and Songjoongki (Songsongcouple) RM 283 – Gummy You Are My Everything

  1. 오랫동안 본 멤버들보다 중기오빠가 더 편했을 지효언니, 그리고 찬바닥에 있을때 계속 쳐다봐주는 따뜻한 중기오빠..
    난 시간이 너무 안타깝다..

  2. I always think back in the days of the old rm song joongki actually had a feeling for song ji hyo but since he left rm for quite awhile so he decided to forget it n then he met song hye kyo n move on with his ji hyo noona

  3. Kikyo 4ever!they have gud chemistry and resemblance.meant for each other. Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki are the SongSong Couple made in heaven.be happy for them .

  4. Have u guys noticed how awkward they are with each other here and how other RM members act cautious, like they're preventing too much contact between Blank Ji and joong Ki @2:12? LOL, I'm over analyzing this!

  5. well..my hope for song ji hyo and song joong ki being a couple won't ever come true due to his mariage with song hye kyo :¨(

  6. Everyone knows that Song Jun Ki and Song Ji Hyo really care about each other and have non-scripted relationship which we can't say about Song hyo kyo (with her every day poker face).
    Ji Hyo has natural beauty, is amazing actress, great MC, model etc. and Hyo Kyo is overrated in my opinion. I've seen Descendants of The Sun and I really hated the way she played. She just couldn't. Jung Ki did a great job. So did the other couple (I don't remember the names)
    Hyo Kyo – overrated talantless woman

  7. you can see how awkward they are the moment they meet. i never ship both of them at first but after watching couple of videos about them im shook. this is my conclusion: i think joongki came to like jihyo because c'mon jihyo is nice and one of a kind woman. jihyo is sure about herself thats why she can pretty well blend in with the whole group of boys. the reason why they didnt end up together is obviously because joong ki left the show and got really busy and another big factor is that jihyo is really caution about the fact that she's younger than him. in a lot of video you guys can see that jihyo is mostly dodging joongki's confession and sweet manners. how bittersweet it is. 💔💓💖❤

  8. They are like siblings. SJK did not even wait for her after the game and just pass by her (like passing to another guy). This video is just cut but there are other videos that shows SJK went ahead to LKS and he's with other RM members going to the locker room and Ji Hyo just at the back. I think all running man members care for Ji Hyo since she is their noona. Based from other videos of this game, LKS is sweeter to Ji Hyo like helping her to remove her jacket before entering the game. Also that "Let;s date Noona" and other sweet moments from past episodes of running man, isn;t that somehow scripted just to build a love triangle with Monday couple. There was even one episode in running man when Ji Hyo was doing push up, instead of SJK helping her, he was pushing Ji hyo to lean her back more which made Ji Hyo mad. If you like someone, you would not want that person to suffer or to be hurt even just a little bit.

  9. I wish joongki oppa will go back to Running Man for good….I badly Miss SONGSONG couple so much…..love them both and all the cast of RM.

  10. Wahh!!!im speechless after watching this video…i just found out the original songsong couple/sibling story.I even stalk other videos of them together..i admit their bonding and chemistry is natural and not based on scripts.Joong Ki was very gentle towards her during RM days…Kyaaaaa..now i begin to like the old Songsong couple too because i find that with Hye Kyo they did it to promote the drama and votes from Dots fans for awards..i mean don't be angry with me because i'm also Dots fans and shipped Joong Ki with Hye Kyo earlier…But now i have change in preference..

  11. for me song-song couple is always song jihyo-song joongki,their relationship is more genuine,not totally scripted..ofcourse some occasions in RM is scripted,but the way they care for each other is definitely real

  12. i dont like new songsong coupel A.K.A ( song hye kyo and song joong ki ) 🙁 more like song ji yo and joong ki 🙂

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