27 thoughts on “Sticky Notes Windows Desktop Program

  1. But which one is better.. Windows default or external software app like ? Thank you

  2. Well, I guess got tired of hosting as it's all gone now and for-sale is it's domain! Darn, and right when I was going to by 100 domains at once!! NOT!! :->

  3. Yes , that is all very Windows notepad. But how do you actually stick the sticky note to something. Duh – that is what you would be mainly interested in – sticking the sticky note to a document or webpage?

  4. I just started trying to use these, and I find it to be really crappy. Maybe by 2025 Microsoft can invent a drop down menu to change the fonts.

  5. I overlapped my sticky notes and the started freaking out and trying to be the top sticky note. I cant delete, move, or do any thing with them. How do I stop it?

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