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Easily Backup, Restore or Migrate your WordPress website with ease using WPVivid Backup and Restore and this easy to follow guide.

If you’re looking for the easiest WordPress Backup and Restore plugin, look no further.

Want to migrate your WordPress website to another server? No problem. Super easy and fast!

Looking for a way to automatically backup your WordPress website to DropBox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 and many more options? Got ya covered there too…

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33 thoughts on “WordPress Backup And Restore with WPVivid for FREE

  1. Backing up is never easy to to do (insert poor Abba impersonation here!). Well, until now that is. Join me in my first look at WPVivid's Backup & Restore plugin for WordPress!

  2. Looks good. For the time being I use Updraft plus with Migrator. IT seems that this plug in free, can do that just as well, perhaps easier for migration> Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you for this. Great tutorial and plugin. Everything else I tried had restrictions somewhere and this does it all. Nice one.

  4. When I upload my backup zip file it hangs at 100%. I can't restore using the file. Anyone else having this problem or have any ideas?

  5. Another great video Paul, just in time for me as I installed the plugin to replace the All-In-One WP Migration plugin. Many thanks and keep up the good work.

  6. How do you WPVivid compares with UpdraftPlus (free version) for restore and back up features? I use Updraft to back up to Google Drive. For migration I use All-in-one-Migration plugin; How to you think the migration features of WPVivid and AIOM stack up? Great food for thought video, as usual.

  7. Hello, my first backup failed because I accidentally didn't leave enough space in my google drive. Should I de-activate and re-activate the plug-in to do it again, or will that break something?

  8. you didnt show how to find the plugin and install it. this is a far better tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3HIekyBx-8

  9. Quick point on this plugin. I cloned a site and it created a conflict with the first site, It started sharing tags, flavicons and logos with the clone and vice versa. This was in a managed wp site. It also over-wrote my initial login settings and details on the new site. Had big issues to solve and deleted the 2nd site and fixed the 1st

  10. Seems to be a great plug-in, but I don't like their description on WordPress repository: "WPvivid Backup Plugin is the only free all-in-one backup, restore and migration WordPress plugin" WTF is this retarded claim? I've been using all in one wp migration for years and it's free as well. That's some shady marketing wpvivid team is doing

  11. What if we work on updating/adding pages/posts in localhost, how to move these additional new pages from localhost to live server without exporting all files from beginning? Can this be done with WPvivid?

  12. Thanks, WPTuts, what is the good plugin to link your One drive to WordPress? is it a good idea to load images and video files from one drive via plugin?

  13. This plugin seems amazing! exactly What I needed! What about migration to localhost and vice versa? how do we do that? are we able to get unique keys from the localhost site and do the migration?

  14. i use Backwpup but the option to send backups to cloud storage is not free, so i think WPVivid is a very interesting solution.

  15. Seems quite comprehensive and easy to use. Wonder how it actually compares with Duplicator which has proven very reliable to me for the purpose (and is free as well).

  16. I just downloaded this plugin a few hours before your upload on the recommendation of Adam @ wpcrafter so the video is very timely. Even without the tut it was a breeze. Very intuitive.
    PS: you recorded this on my birthday 😁

  17. Nice. Would have been great if you show the before and after restoration so viewers can see the outcome. Missed opportunity there.

  18. Paul, I think you banged one out of the park with this plugin! Finally, a comprehensive way to backup, restore, and even migrate a complete site without having to shell out the big bucks!

    Great video tut !

  19. Thanks Paul. As an owner of some very large sites (40gb+) backups are my greatest nightmare.
    I'm always looking for a better solution and will check out Vivid.
    Unfortunately for you, no referral link is showing on mobile.

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