Today we are painting the painting page of Doraemon and Little Doraemon with you.

Doraemon (Japanese: ド ラ え も ん) is a Japanese manga series made by Fujiko F. Fujio (Fujiko F. Fujio). Manga (Japanese comic strip) was published in 1979 in TV in 1969, animes (drawn Japanese drawing art). Doraemon is a future robot cat. When the robot kediler was produced at the Matsushiba Robot Factory (Matsushiba Robot Factory), Olay became a robotic municipality and started acting like a human being. All the robots have excluded him because he can not do anything properly. He also left the factory and retreated to a house. Put a mouse in his mouth to eat the full pizza, Doraemon wounded his head in fear. A robot Polikliniðine (ロ ボ ッ ク ク リ ニ ッ ク) gitmiştir and head wrapped. After a while he lost his ears when the bandage was removed. He cried on the beach in sorrow, and when he wept, the yellow color painted on the factory flowed and the first and present color remained blue. Then he goes back into the cabinet of a child named Nobita Nobi (Nobi Nobita び 太 び 太 Nobi Nobita) and lives very well with Doraemon, Nobita and his friends.

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