DJ Vandan – Lean On x Nakhreya Mari (Live Mix) | DanceOn Class | Fitness Fusion Rahul Kumar Choreography. bhangra | zumba | bollywood workout.
Bhangra Choreography : Rahul kumar
Song credit : DJ Vandan 🙂
Group Members (Non Dancers) : Manpreet | Astha | Ashima | Anuksha
Studio: Absolute Gym & Spa DWARKA
Who Did This?
Directed & Edited by: Rickie “Typo” Crouch
Music: Lean On x Nakhreya Mari (Live Mix) by DJ Vandan (@vpatel_c remix)
Original: Nakhreya Mari by Miss Pooja (@missPooja)
Choreography by: Rahu kumar ( @FitnessFusion

Nguồn: https://fumceunice.org/

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27 thoughts on “DJ Vandan – Lean On x Nakhreya Mari (Live Mix) | Fitness Bhangra Dance Choreography | Rahul Kumar

  1. No offence bro, but its clear you are the main guy here please train your partners as well as u are, you are overpowering them

  2. kind of wish you did the dance by yourself since you're the only one who's both excited and happy to be there AND really skilled…

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