On a morning in Nobita’s room, Nobita was playing CS: GO when suddenly Doraemon entered and broke Nobita’s computer screen. Nobita was very angry at the time, although Doraemon explained the reason for the math test without nobita, Nobita could not control it so he pulled out his gun and fired continuously at Doraemon, luckily, Doraemon caught up. Lay down and avoid the first bullet and then Doraemon uses his favorite guard to fly to avoid Nobita’s final bullets Doraemon who broke Nobita’s room window to escape. Doraemon disappears leaving a flying fan to fall to the floor, Nobita used it to chase after Doraemon but Doraemon flew away, while looking around to see where Doraemon was, Doraemon suddenly appeared behind Nobita. with a baseball bat and hit hard on Nobita’s nape. Nobita could not react, so he fell on the street. Doraemon took advantage of the opportunity to teach Nobita how to do the test, he took the mirror and put it on the roof and successfully cloned himself. As a result, 6 Doraemon appeared before Nobita while he had a headache and attacked Nobita with a baseball bat, Nobita was in pain but he promptly stole Doraemon’s miraculous bag, Nobita then Take out a safe ball in Doraemon’s pocket and create a shield to protect against 6 clone Doraemon, they are thrown out by the protection circle. Not stopping there Nobita also pulled out two uzi guns that had just run, he just splashed all other doraemon, clone mirror created 100 Doraemon but still could not win Nobita, one of the 100 Doraemon bouncing intends to use the flashlight to zoom in 1 Doraemon and fight back Nobita, 1 Doraemon zoomed in front of Nobita and raised his hand to hit Nobita but he could use the safe ball for the second time, the ball Cracked Nobita worried but then Nobita thought of a solution to use miraculous door to move herself to the back of Doraemon and then use the bazooka gun to shoot at the giant Doraemon to make a giant Doraemon broken a piece of head. behind the nape.

Doraemon vs Nobita performed by Mountain Drunk, you should not reupload this video for fame and money.

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