In this WordPress tutorial, you’ll learn exactly how to customize your theme with code. You can edit the design with HTML/PHP/CSS if you understand how WordPress uses the PHP theme files to generate your web pages based on it’s template hierarchy system.

In this training, we are going to add a custom homepage banner to our website that has a strong call-to-action.

To do this you need to edit the PHP files within your child theme directory, so they take precedence over for the parent theme PHP file. Within your WordPress admin area, go to Appearance – Theme Editor to see the files that make up your installed theme. You can copy a theme file from your parent theme to your child theme, and then edit to customize.

Once you update the PHP template file, you can then adjust your design using CSS code.

Either add custom CSS to the child theme’s style.css, or you can go to the Appearance – Customize editor.

WordPress + PHP + HTML + CSS + Javascript = Endless possibilities to create a completely unique website!

See how to build this website from scratch in the following tutorial:

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38 thoughts on “How to Edit & Customize Any WordPress Theme with CSS, HTML & PHP

  1. i had created full screen slider but i want to put a transparent menu on them how to do that please help?
    waiting for your reply

  2. I downloaded this video over 2 months ago, and after finally going through it till the last i felt hugely indebted to you. So i quickly looked up your video on youtube to drop a like and also subscribe. Thanks a lot.

  3. Loved the video, very informative and gave me more than what I was looking for. Can you link me to the resizer applet you were talking about? I can't seem to find it.

  4. Bravo!! Fantastic tutorial I learnt more about CSS and its dynamic properties in this excellent lecture than I knew for the last 5 years!!

  5. For the website I'm editing, "Appearance" doesn't even exist on the left menu. Did they take that off altogether?

  6. Thank you Ray. About 50 seconds in you mentioned Templates and I remembered seeing that within the hosting file manager. I went to that location and they had two temp directories. Opened the first one and found the text I was looking for. I saved the file first by adding -orig and edited the original. Also found the image location that the developer hard coded (yuck!). Both working fine. Thank you Verrrrrrryyyyyy Much.

  7. How to edit existing index.html… you showed how to add new section and edit…..but i want edit my existing main index….it is not showing in wordpress editor…..so how can i?

  8. I want to get rid of the "Read More"-button, I'm using Express-theme. I can only change it, but not remove it. I've been sitting here for hours now trying to solve it..

  9. i don't have this option 'editor' in 'appearence' menu :(..Before it appeared, now when I open it does not appear any more, now only 'HESTIA OPTIONS' that is not to edit

  10. nice but I am facing some problem I want to add a custom input checkbox and as well as display the output in woocommerce myaccount page when user check, please suggest me !

  11. I love you, I'm barely getting from coding from scratch to using wordpress and your tutorial was enlightening, thank you!

  12. Thanks Brother It's Awesome Tutorial I Want to Learn Full Theme Customization And Plugin Can You Help That What Will I Do Which Tutorial I'll Watch . If You Make Tutorial About Full Theme Customization And Plugin Development Please Provide Me the Link Whose help me. I Also Checked Your All Videos But Can't Find Fully theme and Plugin Customization on yor all videos Thanks So Much

  13. if you google inspect a random part of your website, how do you find where that code is within your theme on the admin page of your website? as there is so much code to look through to find it

  14. Imma watch it a couple of times and do it through so i'll remember this sh*t, always forgetting the easiest stuff.. -_-

    Well done, explained and smooth video!

  15. also, when someone clicks on your free quote button, where does it lead them? how'd you configure the button so when they click it will do what it's supposed to?

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