25 thoughts on “How to Fix Nvidia Control Panel Not Opening/Not Working Windows 10/8/7

  1. Thanks this helped a ton, I guess my drivers got deleted when trying to install them through the Geforce Experience, and it didn't correctly install the new drivers. at least it was a simple fix, brand new to the Nvidia scene use to only go AMD, never had this happen with them… unless it was Vulkan Support with DOOM 2016, then I had to manually install the Adrenaline Driver with AMD DX

  2. not working for me , i ve been trying everything , i watched hours of vidieos on this problem , but , at 1:56 near my n vidia (920 same as yours) is showing exclamation mark in yellow , can somebody tells me whats the problem?

  3. my nividia control panel is not showing in the taskbar or when i press the right click on desktop although 2 of the nividia processes are shown in the taskmanager. i tried to open the nividia control panel from the control panel of windows but it dosent opens. also my display adaptor is not showing the option of my graphics card and it only shows MICROSOFT BASIC DISPLAY ADAPTOR

  4. For the second method I cannot start the NVIDIA display container LS properties, it said error 14109: A generic command executable returned a result that indicates failure. Please help me😢

    Edit: the final method works for me, thank you bro👊

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