How To Reset A WordPress Website Back To Default 🙀 – Better Than Reinstalling WordPress
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Have you ever wanted to reset WordPress and start from the beginning?

Well one way is to delete and reinstall WordPress, but this is a much better solution, just reset WordPress.

It’s much faster and easier, and can be done really fast.

Reset your WordPress install today.

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38 thoughts on “How To Reset A WordPress Website Back To Default 🙀 – Better Than Reinstalling WordPress

  1. i want sign up my email id for daily updates in my email id but this message is showing – An error occurred while submitting your data. Please try again

  2. do this delete or erase all data of selling cart and products also? what we can do to prevent ? and have you any vedio to install new theme and demodata?

  3. Does this process clear out all scripts and CSS? I'm rebuilding my ecommerce store after my first attempt and would like it to be as clean as possible without having to reinstall/reconnect PayPal, Stripe etc.

  4. I have a problem that my WP or Theme is not saving changes. Have tried everything on the internet and I keep having this problem.
    Does anyone have solved this problem with this database reset?

  5. Thank you for your video. Can I change my general settings? I put something wrong into the Tagline, now the mistake is shown on the google . How can I change it, I did already but google doesn't recognise it . I will be grateful for a help

  6. Hello friend, can you please tell me how I can know if my WordPress site has been compromised, or how to know if a link has not been inserted without me knowing. Or if someone is not having access to my backend without me knowing.

    Also, what is the very best way to secure my website for any unexpected issue?

  7. If i reset a staging copy does that affect the main site at all? I know if i push it live it will lol but will it if i just use staging as dev?

  8. This just removed the site altogether. Once I ran it on all tables, the page that loaded next was a "This page isn’t working mydomain.com redirected you too many times."

  9. Thank you for this good plan. Very useful information for creating new sites. I tried other plugins but your advice is the best.

  10. Hello, I followed the steps in the video, deleted everything (including the theme), but the theme did not reset to default. How do you reset the theme to default?

  11. Man, I would send you the money you made me save on psychoanalysts fees, but I'm not that good a person. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, though.

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