Handsome,Charming,Dashing,Busty & Kawaii Superstar Kurt Tay absolutely love Doraemon.Since I was a little kid,I love Doraemon v much.I m a BIG Fan of Doraemon.When I was a kid,I always dream 1 day Doraemon will poke out of my drawer & got d Magic pocket 2 make ALL dreams comes true!Even though Doraemon never appear in my life,even though I never had a robot cat,but I hav real cat at home.its a cute cute cat.I hav Doraemon bag,Doraemon T-shirt,Doraemon watch,Doraemon tissue papers,Doraemon stickers.I hoped they can invent Doraemon swimming costume!So that when I went swimming,I can wear it.Also,go Youtube type Kurt Tay watch my very exciting & fun & entertaining videos & my MV:Li Ni Er Qu,a very nice song!Oh!Its true!Its true!Its real!Its real!

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23 thoughts on “Kawaii Superstar Kurt Tay love Doraemon小叮当//多拉A梦

  1. Is do ra a mon not doramon …== chao ah gua !! U and ur suckish eng … just like steven lim !! Omg !! Y all frm sg ?? Such a disgrace … still dare call urself superstar ?? Dun learn steven lim lah ! Kao !!

  2. Dear kurt tay, you need to get a better video camera.

    240p nowadays are unbearable. I want to see you in 720p, more shiok

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