Static Sites are becoming incredibly and provide a solid alternative to WordPress sites. In this video, I will talk through how I migrated my WordPress site to Gatbsy, hosted on Netlify.

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8 thoughts on “Migrating From WordPress To A Static Site

  1. Love it, James! I'm getting back into JS learnings now and may use Gatsby for an upcoming site.

    If you're still wanting to use Netlify for your static site hosting, without losing all your WordPress familiarity, you can use my open source plugin, WP2Static.

    CloudFlare have also posted some guides on their dev blog on how to use it, together with their Wrangler CLI tool, to deploy directly to CloudFlare.

  2. Best way to migrate an existing WordPress site with 100+ posts to a static site? Would like to use netlify for the cms / database.

  3. did you use any static site exporters to migrate your wordpress site to Gatsby, or did you just redevelop it from the starter Gatsby template?

  4. Just wondering, I host my blog made with Hugo on Hostinger. Is it worth it to host on Netlify? Also – why does Netlify give free hosting?

  5. Hello! I'm a 3D Artist and I would like to create a website…
    Since I don't know how to code, do you think I can start with Python (since it also works for 3D) and it would help me to create a website? Or what road to learn to code should I take?

  6. What is the loading speed now compared to wordpress site?
    Also how much slower would creating a blog post be on gatsby compared to WP?
    As someone who uses React at work everyday I am interested to convert my blog WP website (with 100 posts). But it would probably screw up with google rankings too much?

  7. You say above: Static Sites are becoming incredibly and provide a solid alternative… Incredibly what?

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